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No Hot Water? If your Hot Water System leaks, boils, goes cold or overflows, K&M Plumbing can help you fast.
Most Hot Water Systems can last many years if they are well looked after. Did you know that valves on your system should be checked every 12 months and changed every 5 years?
People often do not make plans to replace their hot water systems, it is usually done in a panic or if the water runs cold in the shower
In winter the use of Hot Water is doubled because the water is colder to start with and takes longer to heat. In a year, about a third of the average household’s power usage will be for heating water.
You can double the life of your storage hot water tanks by changing the Sacrificial Anode in your tank.

A Sacrificial Anode is a rod inside the steel cylinder that prevents the tank from corroding. K&M Plumbing will give your Hot Water System a complete service which will save you money in the long term.
Taking both cost and sustainability into account, K&M Plumbingbelieves that natural gas is the best option, but it is not available everywhere.
Different Types of Hot Water Heaters Solar: Upfront costs are greater and it takes longer to install, but it can give the biggest savings long-term.
Electric: peak, which heats whenever it is needed, but costs more than twice as much.
Natural Gas: Cost is on par with off-peak electricity, but the carbon dioxide emissions are less.
LPG: Benefits are the same as natural gas but costs about three times more.
Heat Pump: Sucks heat out of the atmosphere to heat the water. Uses little electricity and can be noisy.
We can have a Hot Water unit Installed and Replaced for you with little or no fuss, and we are well known for our amazing and affordable rates. It’s hard to find a Plumber more affordable than K&M plumbers in Brisbane<

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